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Peace Report 2006

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The German Peace Report 2006 focuses on the central challenges for peace and security: the power asymmetries in the international system, economic and social injustice, collapsing states and societies as well as international arms and armament competition. In most violent conflicts, more than one of these factors play a role: In the Middle East, in Central Asia, but also on the Balcans or in Africa. Academics and Politicians react with changed patterns of explanation and action: the widening of the term “security”, the robust propagation of democracy and human rights, new doctrines for engagement for military means. What is the benefit of these concepts, what is their downside? Important projects of reform have failed to fulfil expectations. The reform of the United Nations was stalled even before it had really begun, the ambitious Millennium Development Goals are still awaiting fulfilment, international arms control is marking time, European integration is in a stalemate. The danger of terrorist violence and the risk of suspect government grasping for weapons of mass destruction are dominating the West’s security concerns. How justified are they? The EU is trying to offer the whole range of necessary strategies and instruments for overcoming crises and secure peaceful relations. Are they the right ones? Are they effective? And is the Great Coalition’s foreign policy attuned to new challenges?

The Peace Report is the joint yearbook of the institutes of peace and conflict research in Germany. It has been published annually since 1987. Researchers from various disciplines examine ongoing international conflicts from the perspective of peace strategy. Their analyses are the basis for the editors’ statement which summarizes and assesses the results and formulates recommendations for peace and security policies in Germany and Europe.

The Peace Report 2006 is published on behalf of the five institutes by Reinhard Mutz Bruno Schoch, Corinna Hauswedell, Christoph Weller und Ulrich Ratsch.

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